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Live Webcam

Live Webcam

The Horseshoe Webcam overlooks the beautiful Horseshoe Parade Field, home to lots of activities including the evening retreat at 5:45. Follow all the fun on the webcam!

Raise the Signal

Over the past few years we've been working to expand modern Internet access to vital areas across the reservation. In Spring 2017, we ran the necessary fiber into camp to bring high speed Internet to Camp Horseshoe. A number of facilities at both camps have access to the Internet in order to enhance programs, aid camp administration, provide access for scoutmasters, and of course, bring you live views of camp and a way to send messages to your Scouts.

However, there is more that we'd like to do, including bringing a high speed connection into Camp Ware and offering a truely live stream of retreat. Your donation can help make this possible.

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